Same Day Repair

The convenience of a SMART repair means that they are mostly completed within 2 hours of being started, which fits in nicely with those with a busy schedule or just want a quick effortless repair. The benefit of using a mobile service means that we can have the repair done for you on the same day with no stress of collections, deliveries or courtesy cars.

Of course, all repairs are subject to booking so get your free quote here – and we’ll look to schedule your repair in with one of our technicians as soon they are free.

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Small Dent & Filler Repair

Sometimes the damage is a little heavier than just a scuff and that’s no problem. Using thermosetting polymers we can filler repair most small dents and imperfections in the panel shape. of course there is only so much a SMART repair can achieve with regards to the extent of the damage. So that you can be sure, you can send a photo here –  and we can get back to on the same day with our assessment of the damage along with a free estimation of the cost.

Please note: This service does not currently include PDR (Paintless Dent Removal).

Paint Scuff, Chips & Scratches

Accidents happen all of the time, whether its your fault or not and the most common repairs are most certainly bumper corner scuffs. A small collision with another road user, clipping your bumper or wing mirror on the garden wall and those mysterious scuffs that seem to appear in the local grocery car park.

Using various sanding techniques we’ll repair the damage before using our environmentally friendly Standohyd waterborne paint system to colour match and respray the panel, finishing with a nice polish resulting in an invisible repair.

Stone chips are inevitable if you do any sort of motor way driving but these can be easily hidden. Using a light filler we can take out the depth of the stone chips and touch in the damage with a colour coded paint mix giving the appearance of nice and tidy paint work.

Light Scratch & Machine Polishing

Sometimes the damage isn’t very heavy at all but those little scratches that you keep noticing in the paint work seem to bug you. These scratches are sometimes unavoidable from catching car keys or jewellery on the paint, small animals clambering around or just general road wear and bush marks from small lanes.

Luckily this is no problem to fix, using very light abrasives we can gently sand away scratches before using specialist multi-stage polishing compounds to bring back the shine to dull paint work and remove those annoying imperfections you keep catching with your eye.

Full car machine polishing is relatively inexpensive if you think of the value it will add to a car that you might be selling, or if you are returning a car at the end of a lease.

Interior & Exterior Plastic Trim Repairs

Using various sanding techniques and specialist textured paint we can repair and refresh damaged or tired looking plastic trim back to new. This includes exterior bumpers and exterior door trims as well as interior dashboard, centre consoles and seat trim.

Fabric Cigarette Burns

Cigarette burns can be very unsightly and sometimes the cost of re-trimming a full seat for such a minor burn can be very costly. Using specialist bonding tools and fibres we can fill and blend the damage giving the appearance of a much tidier interior. Perfect for if your selling you car or returning a vehicle at the end a lease.

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