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It’s only been over the last 10 years that SMART repairs have really seen its growth in the motor industry. Originally these techniques were designed in bodyshops to improve efficiency on repairs in-house, but later became a niche all on their own. Now dominating as a mobile service this reduces the need for our customers to visit traditional bodyshops by specialising in a range of problems that now can be fixed on your door step; just take a look below at some of the services we can provide.

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Small to Medium Area Repair Technique

A typical SMART repair has always been considered to fit within a standard 15cm radius template. Of course, as long as the impact hasn’t warped or dented the panel to any great extent then we can repair most damage no matter the size.

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Why choose a SMART repair service?

Cost effective

As it’s only a small area being repaired this brings the cost of materials down as well as the length of time it takes to carry out the repair. All of this results in a lower price and more affordability for our customers.

Time saving

Remember when you had to take your car into the local garage and would usually have to wait all afternoon, if not leaving it there for a couple of days? Well with a mobile service we carry out all of the repairs at your home, or work, address all at your own convenience.

No claims

The biggest benefit of all is that because the cost of repairs are now so much lower, you can organise your repairs all without the assistance of your insurer, enabling you to maintain a no claims discount on your policy.

As well as bodyshops, used traders and main dealers all employing SMART repair specialists for quick and cost effective repairs, another great benefit is for those who are selling their car and want a quick spruce to ensure it sells for its full value. When a private buyer is looking for a new car, they want the best possible value for their money and if they spot any damage then it will encourage them to look for more.

Smart repairs are effective because from bumper corner repair and re-sprays to touching in stone chips, all these techniques ensure that the seller is guaranteeing the sale at its best value, as well as a happy buyer.

This service can also be beneficial for those wanting to protect themselves from the sometimes extortionate fees incurred at the end of a lease agreement, by tidying up your vehicle with the various services available at a much lower cost before handing it back.

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